The Bumpdate – Week 34

While the experience of being pregnant has had many exciting and joyous moments, it has also brought some difficult and trying moments, if I’m being completely honest. I am so thankful that I was able to get pregnant and we are so excited to become parents (also scared, terrified, panicked, etc.), but I think we can all admit that pregnancy is no walk in the park – especially during a hot and sticky summer! I wanted to compile here the things that got me through the last nine months in the hopes that someone else going through pregnancy could benefit from my experience! Here are my Maternity Must-Haves:

Reading material for those sleepless nights

When she found out I was pregnant, my mom got me a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff. Reading such a popular book while using the What to Expect app has made any issue that I have come up against seem that much more normal since I know other people have experienced it. It’s a great tool to have on your bedside when your brain can’t stop thinking of new questions and you start getting that pregnancy insomnia. There is only so much Netflix one can binge – may as well put some of your fears, if not you yourself, to rest! The app is great for tracking the size of the baby as it grows, relating them to a fruit or veggie. I found that this helped me visualize my little nugget as it has grown from an avocado to a very large and active pineapple!

Belly B Tummy Honey Butter

I LOVE this stretch mark preventing butter. It was gifted to me by a good friend, and I can’t thank them enough for saving my tummy and also helping to soothe the itchiness that comes with your skin being stretched over a soccer player in the making (that’s what it feels like anyway – who else would need to kick this much?!). The Tummy Honey Butter is oil-based and super hydrating because it’s not made with any water. I learned that water evaporates over time, but the oil lasts much longer and maximizes the skin’s elasticity. I was told, and will loudly reshare this tidbit here, that while applying the butter to your belly, to remember to include your breasts, thighs, lower back and upper arms as these can be common problem areas during pregnancy, and where I noticed the most change in my body.

A wedge pillow

One late night, while quickly growing uncomfortable and wondering how I was going to get a good night’s sleep with a restless alien in my tummy, I came across a wedge pillow. I quickly ordered it in the middle of the 2nd trimester when my belly started to get heavy and I was really starting to feel the strain on my back in the night. I had my Snoogle right from the start, and while it has kept me cozy, I found that when my belly became awkwardly bigger than I was used to, the wedge pillow really helped support the baby’s weight and took the pressure off my back.


I normally try to drink lots of water – I bring a water bottle everywhere I go and usually manage to drink 4-5 litres each day. It’s something that we all don’t get enough of – especially when we’re busy or preoccupied with a project. Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve been even more focused on hydrating due to fear of dehydration from nausea and the expected pregnancy swelling. While staying committed to drinking a ton of water has kept me regularly visiting the women’s room (no surprise there!) it has also kept me feeling pretty good. Not to jinx myself… but I’ve also kept the swelling down to a minimum too.

Maternity wear

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had to keep a few outfits on major repeat this summer as my wardrobe became limited. I tried to get a few key pieces that I could layer and change up to add some excitement to my outfit. Simple black or white maternity tanks were some of my favourite pieces that I would put with a good pair of denim. As time went on, a loose cotton dress became my favourite outfit as it’s been a very humid summer in Toronto, and I feel as though my body is always running at 100 degrees! These days, walking into my office is like walking into the frozen aisle at the grocery store. (Sorry – not sorry!) Thank you to everyone at Kidcentral for remembering their office sweaters, and for being so forgiving of me the past few months!

A few good resources/friends

Having a few resourceful friends and colleagues to turn to for questions, issues, emotional breakdowns and advice have been an amazing outlet for me. I would strongly suggest to anyone going through pregnancy to find a few people who you know who won’t sugar-coat the truth and will share with you their honest experiences. The raw realities of pregnancy sometimes suck and being able to feel like someone understands all the crazy emotions is reassuring and can really get you through many moments – the good, the bad, and everything else in between.

What are some maternity must-haves that you always recommend?

-Daniela (the Pregnant President)