The Bumpdate – 22 Weeks

Shopping for Maternity

I love clothes, and I love finding pieces that make me feel confident. A great outfit that you feel your best in can help you project and demonstrate your confidence to the world. I take pride in representing Kidcentral and strive to convey professionalism in every aspect of what we do – including how I appear in meetings. Showing up with intention and purpose both mentally and physically every day can have a huge effect on your mood and your effect on other people.

While I was hiding my pregnancy, and as my current wardrobe became limited, I struggled to find outfit pairings that gave me the confidence and portrayed the sense of leadership and professionalism I had been used to maintaining. The few basics my mother secretly provided helped, but I was running short on viable options. Since it was chilly I couldn’t just wear dresses to cover my growing belly. It was time to source some maternity clothing.

Shopping, in general, can be anxiety-inducing, but even more so when you’ve changed. Once I find a store that I like, I tend to stick with it – I know my size and therefore can order online whenever I want, I know what kinds of fabrics they generally use, and I know when to look for sales! Whenever you change sizes or need to shop somewhere new, there is always a learning curve, and success at finding something is not always guaranteed.

Now take that normal anxiety of having to shop somewhere new and add in the fact that you will be growing extremely disproportionately in one area of your body. With maternity clothing you not only have to shop for your current needs, but you must try and anticipate your future needs. A quick Google search drowns you in panels and flaps and inserts. Which size will you need now? Which size will you need in the 3rd trimester? Do you need a pillow? What should I buy for the hospital? Are my feet going to swell?

There are a million questions, forums, links, and pieces of advice available at a click of a button. It’s extremely overwhelming and impossible to know where to start – especially when it’s your first experience. I knew I needed to go try things on and seek some face to face advice.

Immediately upon entering the maternity store, I felt welcomed. Their staff were kind and encouraging, while not being too pushy. While it’s obvious they see moms-to-be all day, you don’t feel like just another number. They took the time to listen to my wardrobe needs and helped guide me through the process, recommending staples that I would need and how to find the right fit. I even began to enjoy myself and had fun with my mom as I tried on the fake bumps that help with sizing. The knowledgable staff transformed what could have been an agonizing shopping trip into a fun pregnancy memory and milestone that I can look back at fondly.

Now that I’ve found clothes that fit, I can continue to exude the confidence I feel as a leader in my company, and as a woman who is adjusting to her new and changing body as it goes through this exciting, and still admittedly terrifying journey.

What were some of your maternity staples?