The Bumpdate - Week 38

My career at Kidcentral Supply has meant everything to me. For 13 years, across the various roles, I have been fortunate to have here, I have worked my butt off […]

The Bumpdate - Week 34

While the experience of being pregnant has had many exciting and joyous moments, it has also brought some difficult and trying moments, if I’m being completely honest. I am so […]

The Bumpdate - 32 Weeks

Besides struggling through the heat while very pregnant (the struggle is ACTUALLY real), I’ve been anxiously waiting to write about my favourite Kidcentral products for my baby. One of the […]

The Bumpdate - 31 Weeks

Seller to Consumer For years, I’ve viewed the baby industry as an insider. I thought about product features, MSRP, shipping costs, margins, and where was the best place to put […]

The Bumpdate - 28 Weeks

Hello Third Trimester Pregnancy is one of those human experiences that everyone has an opinion about – whether they’ve experienced it or not. People LOVE to talk about babies and […]

The Bumpdate - 26 Weeks

Happy Father’s Day One of the most fascinating aspects of my pregnancy so far has surprisingly had very little to do with me, and everything to do with my husband. […]