The Bumpdate – 28 Weeks

Hello Third Trimester

Pregnancy is one of those human experiences that everyone has an opinion about – whether they’ve experienced it or not. People LOVE to talk about babies and give their opinion on how one should conduct themselves while pregnant. I couldn’t tell you how many side-eye looks I get if people see me drinking from a coffee mug! (How do they know it’s not decaf?) But that doesn’t stop the opinions coming fast and free at expecting mothers. The minute your bump makes its debut, a wealth of (usually) well meaning but unsolicited advice rolls your way. But somewhere between horror stories you try to block out, tips on homemade remedies and choruses of “just wait – it gets worse!”, not everything gets talked about. Why is it that no one tells you about:

  • Nighttime congestion and really unsexy snoring
  • Shortness of breath after one flight of stairs when you barely even feel pregnant
  • Bleeding gums (maybe due to that snoring??)
  • Nightly nose bleeds
  • Hello, heartburn. Goodbye salsa.
  • Early lactation (while wearing a grey shirt)
  • The craziest dreams you’ve EVER had
  • Laughing too hard or sneezing…
  • Growing hair thicker than Monica’s Bermuda hair
  • Needing to shop for new bras when your cup size seemingly doubles overnight
  • The first flutter in your belly – gas or Alien?
  • Clumsiness – it’s okay maybe I didn’t need that toe?
  • Mood swings and emotions that are out of my control
  • Stretching cramps in the 15-22 week mark
  • Bigger appetite (is it snack time yet?)
  • Pregnancy brain!
  • Answering the question moms are typically always asked of ‘having it all’ – from strangers

Maybe it’s not a question of people not talking about these things and more of a question of belief. Maybe it’s that we don’t listen until we’re going through it. Pregnancy, I’m finding, can be a really isolating experience – if you let it. Some people don’t like to bring up the negative aspects of pregnancy and some only like to share the horror stories, as if there isn’t a fair dose of each. I’ve found that talking to fellow moms that have been or are also currently going through pregnancy helps me feel more normal about everything. Let’s face it – pregnancy is really mind boggling. The fact that we can create tiny human beings within our bodies is nothing short of a miracle – even if it’s the most natural thing on earth.

Let’s share what makes these weeks and months as pregnant woman so special and commiserate on the reasons why it can be the absolute worst, and let’s lose the sense of guilt or judgement so strictly tied to this phase of our lives. It’s true that no two pregnancies are the same and that every baby is different, but let’s benefit from each other’s experience. Who knows – that thing you thought was weird and freaked you out may have happened to your co-worker or neighbor or friend and she’ll be able to reassure you that you’re going to be okay and that you aren’t alone. What’s something that you wish you had known earlier when going through a pregnancy?

The Pregnant President